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Recruiters: Are you a Candidate Hot House or a Green House!


Recruiters: Are you a Candidate Hot House or a Green House!

According to recently published data from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) the UK recruitment market is still growing past previously reached peaks, delivering the best recruitment market in over 20 years for most sectors. With a value now in excess of £31.5bn the UK marketplace has seen new growth in both permanent and contract/temp sectors with margins particularly on permanent increasing 11.5%. Skills shortages continue to tighten and with 80% of employers saying they will recruit in the next 3 months the need to effectively source, attract and retain candidates has never been more important for a recruiter to thrive.

However in a further piece of recent research covering candidate experience only 25% candidates would have described their experience as a good one.

All this brings me to the question whether we actually understand the process our own candidates go through? Or have we become so embroiled in the transactional side of contingent recruitment in a great market that we only focus on candidate attraction in a desperate attempt to increase the numbers. Avenues that our candidates find us have become so diverse and complicated over recent years that it is almost a full time job to just keep up with new and evolving talent acquisition strategies and methodologies. Let alone look at the limitations of our current ways of operating in what can only be described as acute talent shortages. But while there will never be one golden bullet, recognising an issue and then understanding it by ways of some basic questioning or mystery shopper projects has got to be a good start. Another interesting stat from the research was that only 11% of hiring companies ask for feedback in relation to their hiring process.

So in a world where a recruiter is balancing relationships between candidate and client to create the best outcomes it is probably fair to say that collaborating in changes to improve any candidate experience with hiring companies is the only way forward. Helping future employers to be employers of choice and offering dovetailed advice that adds to their brand. Eradicating bad experiences that can only negatively affect the number one route for candidates to find out about vacancies through the very powerful word of mouth; another key fact from the research.

We can do this for clients by improving processes that in turn reduce process length, invigorate overall communication moving away from generic impersonal interactions. By eliminating vague job descriptions that don’t really tell a candidate what they will actually be doing or how they fit in to any organisation and by insuring interviews are arenas for candidates to be sold to as well as tested. With a range of obvious but simple changes both you and your clients could stop being a candidate hot house but a green house nurturing great experience, great practice and most importantly great candidates.

Daniel Griggs is founder of Delta Genesis Consulting sharing recruitment knowledge by offering the recruitment world and users of recruitment services access to managerial, training and executive support on an advisory, interim or non-executive basis. He has over twenty-seven years professional business-to-business experience having been in the Recruitment world since his first role in 1989. He has worked for small, medium and global staffing businesses developing an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Holding roles that have seen him progress from consultant to board level whilst recruiting, training, managing, directing and developing businesses both domestically and internationally in several sectors. You can also follow him on twitter @DeltaGenesisCon

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