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Recruitment world – Time to switch off the office lights and hit the beach!

Recruitment world – Time to switch off the office lights and hit the beach!


Don’t panic I’m not going to suggest that 2009 is returning, very much the opposite! I want to look to the future and how changing our working world could be the type of opportunity that our industry needs. How often are you being told to think outside the box? So here we go and don’t shoot me down for trying!


Fixed cost is the devil of an agile, flexible business that is ready for anything and can adapt as needed. Whether you believe this or not as an industry that in most cases has embraced technology with gusto we are still clinging on to some very traditional ways of working.


One of the obvious ones is the fixed abode. 


Home and mobile working have been influencing our worlds for a few years now. Many clients have embraced them as a part of their strategies to counter skills shortages by promoting flexible working and attracting new work-forces. But there is and some will always argue that there should always be a back bone to recruitment that involves one place where recruiters work from. Harnessing the ‘hot house’ environment promoting an atmosphere for recruiters to hit the phone whilst instilling a team orientated work ethic. In many cases recruitment offices have evolved further from just an open plan hive of activity into an environment to promote better strategic thinking, with areas that quite frankly seem to be emulating the sort of homes many would aspire to owning. However the excesses of pre-2009 and the belt tightening that followed have also thrown caution quite rightly into the mix and therefore achieving the right environment to promote success and the right price is key. 


So how about getting ahead of the curve, embracing change and perhaps even inventing it. Technology companies from all over the world have been working for a few years now without ever having had a head office, satellite office or indeed any office. I know of examples where 50+ employees work together from different locations, including several international ones. Utilising various technologies and  strategies to compensate for the lack of physical infrastructure by ditching traditional thinking when it comes to building an organisation. In fact many of them because they have been conceived and started with the intention of growing this way are therefore not hindered or held back by obstacles that are there because they have always been there. They therefore can often offer something very different to employees and customers through their new ‘world of work’. Of course this type of organisation will encounter new challenges but with that will come new opportunities that will enhance and embellish the type of service offering you can present to your clients. Field sales has been the back bone to many industries enabling companies to reach out and interact face to face with their target audience. The fight as recruiters for talent both to work with in our own organisations and to offer to our clients continues to show no sign of improving. Maybe its time reach out, either by having employees that are based where we need them or where they happen to be. Currently you often only see start-ups within recruitment pounding the streets and coffee shops without an office around the corner. But often they still aspire to a Traditional office setting, why?


If any industry is well suited to this type of innovation apart form the obvious internet or technology related sectors it is recruitment. In my mind it is the future of the ‘world of work’ let alone recruitment. Where colleagues meet when they need or desire to, but can contribute and create opportunities in a place or environment that best suits them. So recruitment world is it time to switch off the office lights and hit the beach?



Daniel Griggs is founder of Delta Genesis Consulting sharing recruitment knowledge by offering the recruitment world and users of recruitment services access to managerial, training and executive support on an advisory, interim or non-executive basis. He has over twenty-seven years professional business-to-business experience having been in the Recruitment world since his first role in 1989. He has worked for small, medium and global staffing businesses developing an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Holding roles that have seen him progress from consultant to board level whilst recruiting, training, managing, directing and developing businesses both domestically and internationally in several sectors. You can also follow him on twitter @DeltaGenesisCon 

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