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Recruitment World - Are you ready to Gig for your living!

Recruitment World - Are you ready to Gig for your living!

The world of work is changing. Well, tell us something we don’t know! It’s always changing and its the role of the recruitment world to keep up and help shape the evolution. But there is one significant change that is gathering pace that is being driven by ever changing technology and the new phenomenon of Uberisation. Creating innovative services for employers and employees alike that on the face of it could disrupt the recruitment world and fuel the gig economy. 


Upwork, freelancer.com, peopleperhour and job&talent are already out there as platforms that access these gigs and it would be foolish to think that it is only the contingent labour market that could change. Recent research states that 13% of British people believe they will not be working in traditional 9-5 employment by 2025 and let’s face it if we could opt for a flexible well balanced life without damaging our incomes who wouldn’t go for it? Project based tasks could include every part of the working world if done properly and that could create immense opportunity to recruiters in the long term in either bringing these services to the market or helping to mould and manage them.


As with any market adaptation it won’t be without challenges. Already screening, controlling and managing relationships, pieces of work and the legality of such practices are being discussed. Particularly as you could open up the possibility of cross border working in turn accessing skills in other international locations. The outsourcing world already does this to a certain degree but direct access to talent and skills on a project supply and demand basis anywhere, regardless of location, could really change our world.


So while only 6% of employers currently use these type of platforms, 29% think they are important and a third of UK employers by 2021 will be using them. Therefore the question is when do we start talking about them in our businesses and when do we include them in our strategies? Are you an early adopter, a trail blazer or should we wait and see what happens? It’s never easy to be an innovator but within our own recruitment worlds we have to put ourselves in a position where we can grab those opportunities and make the most of them. If only for the good of our candidates and clients which we are already committed to helping. The gig economy is coming, so recruitment world are you ready to gig for a living?



Daniel Griggs is founder of Delta Genesis Consulting sharing recruitment knowledge by offering the recruitment world and users of recruitment services access to mentoring, managerial, training and executive support on an advisory, interim or non-executive basis. He has over twenty-seven years professional business-to-business experience having been in the Recruitment world since his first role in 1989. He has worked for small, medium and global staffing businesses developing an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Holding roles that have seen him progress from consultant to board level whilst recruiting, training, managing, directing and developing businesses both domestically and internationally in several sectors. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals and a Business Mentor for the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. You can also follow him on twitter @DeltaGenesisCon 

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WelcomeAbout Delta Genesis ConsultingWhat Delta Genesis Consulting can do for youWhat some of our clients sayPublished articlesConnect with us