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Recruitment World - If you nail anything, nail why?

Recruitment World - If you nail anything, nail why?


It was often the case that the route into recruitment was not always a very formal one and certainly a few decades ago falling into recruitment was a norm. However those days have changed and not only are processes generally more rigorous but the training and development piece is a step above the on the job training of follow my leader we no doubt have all experienced. Although delivery has changed drastically often the messages and subject matters are the same. Every one must remember the communication bedrocks of What, When, Where, Who, Why and How. With everything though a little knowledge can be dangerous and using any key skill correctly has got to be the true secret.


Whilst discussing how we communicate these days either  in person, face to face by video, on the phone or via other mediums such as printed materials, websites, email or social media it was evident that the message often gets lost. We seem to always be very proficient at the what, where and how. Constructing our messages in a way that lead us to stating exactly what we all say, all in the same wishy washy way. Anyone confused when reading an ‘About us’ web page as to how there are so many leading recruitment companies? Who are number one in their field or the fact that we are all experts? Don’t forget the consultative approach either!


But its easily done and in a rush to be different we get so factual that we all look the same. Looking at the ‘Work for us’ messages also brings up a very similar set of issues as we are clambering to recruit more recruiters in one of the most skills short markets we have ever seen. Again we  fall over ourselves to list benefits and initiatives concentrating on the what where and how.


Then there’s subject of your current teams engagement and motivation, also prescribing the what a consultant does, how they have to go about it and no doubt covering the what and where. Normally through KPI’s of course!


What they all  really want to know is Why? Why should I use you? Why do you charge what you do? Why should I trust you with my jobs? Why should I trust you with my next career choice? Why have you got the best candidates? Why should I work for you and why do I have to pick the phone up that many times and do everything your way? Why, Why, Why?


It strikes me that if you get the why right and genuinely can get those messages nailed then a true edge might emerge. Nailing the why and communicating it is the way to go Recruitment World. 



Daniel Griggs is founder of Delta Genesis Consulting sharing recruitment knowledge by offering the recruitment world and users of recruitment services access to mentoring, managerial, training and executive support on an advisory, interim or non-executive basis. He has over twenty-seven years professional business-to-business experience having been in the Recruitment world since his first role in 1989. He has worked for small, medium and global staffing businesses developing an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Holding roles that have seen him progress from consultant to board level whilst recruiting, training, managing, directing and developing businesses both domestically and internationally in several sectors. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals and a Business Mentor for the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). You can also follow him on twitter @DeltaGenesisCon 

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7/23/2018 12:23:16 PM
delta-genesis.com - Recruitment World - If you nail anything, nail why?
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