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Recruitment World - Do you know what good looks like?

Recruitment World - Do you know what good looks like?


We all have our own expectations and as we all know from the recruitment world there can be such a variation on what is deemed as good standards, good service or good performance. Whilst we have numerous rules, guidance and regulation that are needless to say changing all the time, especially in the current climate, we still can find many different ways of doing something. A businesses culture, people, environment and values dictate how we problem solve, present ideas and ultimately deliver. What a dull world it would be if everything was so predictable. It is  also clear that these differences define some of our unique selling points.


Most of my initial meetings with clients are a dance of words that hide a subtext of ‘How are we doing?’ Or, ‘We are great aren’t we?’ The biggest advocates of that business still want assurances that they are on the right track. Businesses especially those that are new, building and growing, do not always have the tools that some of the more established players in the market have at their fingertips, or are trying to develop. The big players are currently putting huge amounts of resource into technologies to help them define what good is.


In reality the answer is out there and easily obtainable if we could pool and compare the information we already all hold and not just ours but collectively. Our industry is a large one and significant when you take the time to think about it. Benchmarking has long been the vanguard of business analytics used by consultants and advising organisations. But again being able to compare like for like, understanding the messages it gives you and acting on those signs is surely the key in any effective tool. Strategy has to come from an informed position and if you can have that oracle on any business then knowing what good looks like is surely the key. Which begs the question recruitment world, do you know what good looks like?



Daniel Griggs is founder of Delta Genesis Consulting sharing recruitment knowledge by offering the recruitment world access to mentoring, benchmarking, managerial, training and executive support on an advisory, interim or non-executive basis. He has over thirty years professional business-to-business experience having been in the Recruitment world since his first role in 1989. He has worked for small, medium and global staffing businesses developing an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Holding roles that have seen him progress from consultant to board level whilst recruiting, training, managing, directing and developing businesses both domestically and internationally in several sectors. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals and a Business Mentor for the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). He is also UK partner for the highly acclaimed Staffing Industry Metrics global dashboard. You can also follow him on twitter @DeltaGenesisCon or Instagram

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WelcomeAbout Delta Genesis ConsultingWhat Delta Genesis Consulting can do for youWhat some of our clients sayPublished articlesConnect with us